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I became interested in photography quite by accident. As a family of avid nature lovers, we invariably find ourselves holidaying at locations known for its breathtaking beauty or for rich flora and fauna. We were to visit the Yellowstone National Park in 2004 and I was motivated to pick up a camera for the trip since I was told that I would be foolish not to do so. What started as a hobby during that trip grew into a passion and has finally become my profession.

After two stimulating decades in the corporate world, I decided to award myself a new CXO title in 2005 - CDO (Corporate Drop Out). In June that year I quit the corporate world to pursue my passion for nature and wildlife photography full-time. I have traveled across the world and experienced the wide range of nature's bounty. I love to experiment with light and motion and urge my eyes to spot the extraordinary in the ordinary. I constantly try to train my camera to see what my eye sees - and capture more than just 'pretty pictures'. Sometimes I like the results but equally often I am frustrated and strive for extracting that 'magic' from my camera.

Having experienced various ecosystems, I firmly believe that our planet will soon turn into a different world than the one that we know today. My nightmare is that nature and wild life photographers like myself will soon fall short of subjects to shoot, unless we actively care for our environment! While I contribute my little mite, I try to encourage everyone to get actively involved in doing their bit for environmental conservation and wildlife protection.

My work has been showcased more than once by the WWF as well as National Geographic - as they try to spread the message of conserving the endangered species and enhancing environmental awareness. My dream is that for the coming generations, such awareness will become a way of life. Images and Beyond, for me, is more than just a photography site. It tries to capture the very essence of life on this planet. It is there to remind everybody to reach out and experience the beautiful world that we have inherited and a constant reminder that we are just the custodians to preserve it for our future generations.